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2024 Saturday Events

Charlemagne Room $2900


Indoor Main Level (2nd Floor) Dining Room and Tavern

Accommodates 60 Guests 

Rear Courtyard $4900 


Outdoor Scenic View

Accommodates 120 Guests 

Picturesque Outdoor Ceremony and Photo Views 

*Saturday Events include flexible early set-up access

2024 Friday & Sunday Events

Charlemagne Room $500

Friday 5pm-9pm

Sunday 10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm

Indoor Main Level (2nd Floor) Dining Room and Bar

Accommodates 60 Guests

Weekday Lunch Event

Charlemagne Room $295


Weekdays- 2 Hours


Tavern  Bartender

 (if requested)

Event Hours $120

Off Premises Catered Bar Service

Call for Pricing

*All offerings include tables, chairs, linens, dish and glassware

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